About Kirsch


The Kirsch brand began to be used with the first curtain rails, invented by Charles Kirsch in 1907. In addition, Kirsch invented the first adjustable rails that ensured a smooth and tangle-free slip on the laces. The Kirsch rails were used to decorate the magnificent windows of the mansions of the film “Gone with the Wind”. Today, Kirsch is still known for its line of functional and decorative accessories for curtains.

Let your creativity shine

Within our wide variety of products, you will have total freedom to decorate your windows, with the limit that your creativity dictates. Whether you are looking for wood or metal finishes, you can be sure of being able to make your stay a pleasant environment by choosing Kirsch. Decorative accessories for your windows can move to a more comfortable level in the decoration of your home. From the finials to the brackets, poles, rings … Kirsch has the products you need at the prices that suit your budget. You can be sure that you will find what you are looking for.