Pacific Hogar, S.L.U. is the exclusive distributor for Europe of the ABALON brand, under which we sell the products manufactured by Hangzhou Binthen Technology Co., Ltd in Hangzhou, the leading city of the modern technological industry in China. We put our resources at the service of conceiving, designing and manufacturing intelligent products for window decoration.

Having worked craftily in this sector for many years, leads us to be strict with quality, careful and perfectionist in manufacturing, while also remaining very conscious and cost-effective.

Check out our intelligent motorized curtain tracks and poles, perfect wave and the lift system for easy handling of very high curtains. They are compatible with the main home automation control systems.

Our logistics processes also ensure a high reliability that allows us to meet the delivery deadlines committed. We also comply with environmental regulations in order to offer quality certifications approved in the most demanding markets in the world.